EHS Primus 6000S or 8000S with Mixergy Slimline Unvented 150L Indirect Cylinder

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EHS Single Phase System Boiler

The Primus S range of electric system boilers is designed to provide all of your domestic space heating needs through a wet central or underfloor heating system. It is a direct replacement for a gas system boiler, and there is no need to change any radiators or pipes.

When used in conjunction with an unvented indirect hot water cylinder, it can also provide all of your hot water needs for larger and multi-bathroom properties. By integrating a timer with the boiler, you can use cheaper off-peak electricity to heat your water store, thus saving money, balancing the grid and utilising 100% renewable electricity.

Mixergy Slimline Unvented 150L Indirect Cylinder - Bundle Option

Mixergy are market leaders in smart and connected hot water tank innovation. Our tanks enable
households to live better, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment.
The intelligent way to heat your hot water.
Our award winning tank (Housebuilder Product of the Year 2021) gives you all the hot water you
need, when you need it, working more efficiently than conventional tanks to reduce your energy
consumption and save you money on your bills.


This EHS Primus 6kw or 8 Kw boiler, complete with Mixergy Slimline 150L litre unvented cylinder, an all-in-one convenient package deal, makes the perfect choice for anyone looking for a whole system upgrade.

EHS Primus 6000S or 80000S + Mixergy Slimline Cylinder MX-150-IND-478

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